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    Bad to the Bone

    Bad to the Bone. 
    A black leather jacket. One can simply not live without it. It's a piece that can make an outfit go from snooze fest to fashionista in seconds. The outfit options are endless and can fit with anyone's style. Whether you're a super minimalist gal, a workout queen, or you're the gal who has no clue what type of style you have.. we've got you covered. We took some inspo pics from Pinterest and remade our own looks! Check it out!

    Plain Jane 

    This is a universal fit. Perfect for anyone and everyone; shape, style, likes/dislikes.. no matter what ya got, it works. 

    White tee and black skinnies is the ultimate go-to. But when you throw on a black leather jacket, all of a sudden you've turned into a badass. Anyone can rock this look. Whether you know fashion, trends, when to wear what after Labor Day, this is what you wear to fake it till you make it. 


    One of our fav trends that is not going anywhere. Wanna know why it's our fav? Because it includes STRETCHY PANTS!

    That's right, you read correctly. You can wear stretchy pants and look chic. Done and done.

    Now there are tons of options for stretchy pants, but if you're looking for a more luxurious feel.. these right here are your swag. Pair our luxe pant with literally anything: tshirt, turtleneck, chunky sweater, then throw on a black leather jacket and you are stylin' and profilin'.

    Sugar & Spice

    If you're wanting a cute little daytime outfit that is more intentional than the first two options, then this is your jam. Throw on an easy, floral print dress and then have the jacket spice it up a bit. We love mixing the girly vibe with some edge. Definitely our store motto. This is a perfect hack for spring coming up too! 


    Have we convinced ya yet? If you don't have a leather jacket, get ya one. We even have two options for you! Our girly leather (for those of you who want to make a statement) and our normal leather (for those who are sticking to traditional). Both amazing price points for the quality! Give em a peak.

    As always, You're a Badass.



    Boss Babe Attire

    ATTN: Calling all boss babes to the floor! 
    This is for all the girls out there.. our hard working, 9 to 5 gals who work their ass off Monday-Friday, 40+ hours a week & are gettin' shit done. We applaud you! What we don't applaud is using "business casual" as an excuse to be business boring. We come to you this week providing a couple cute, trendy alternatives to keep your work wardrobe fun and exciting. Gives ya even more reason to kick ass and take names if you're in a bomb fit, feelin' yourself right? #confidenceiskey

     Baby, You're so Classic 

    A blazer is something you have to have in your closet, whether you have an office job or not. It's a staple piece, a bone. 
    + we love this one because it's lightweight and a bit oversized, so it gives a more lax vibe.
    This ruched white tank underneath looks cute with absolutely everything, could be worn for the office or for a night out on the town. Perfect transition piece! 
    (not to mention: on sale for $20) 
    Pair it with these chartreuse trousers for a comfy, pop of color! Make a statement at the office with this fit! 

    Easy & Effortless

    One look we absolutely love is a tapered pant and a chunky sweater!
    These jogger style pants are perfect for the office: high waisted, fitted, yet not too snug & give you a good shape! These are the pair that you wear to work for 8+ hours, then when you get home you find yourself in them until you're ready to go to bed because you're not eager to rip them off as soon as you get home. You know those type? 
    Throw on a chunky knit or a statement sweater like this one! Our signature fav fashion tip: the front tuck. Front tuck your sweater into whatever bottoms you're wearing to give yourself more shape! + it will instantly make you feel more fashion forward and cool, promise. 

    Chic & Sophisticated 

    This is our more fashion forward pick! 
    These super high waisted linen pants will match everything + the details are super fun: little wicker buttons, paper bag waistline, tie front, and wide leg! 
    Then the shirt. We're obsessed. Coolest sleeves you ever did see. Amazing take on a plain white blouse!
    (also on sale: $22!)
    You can be super chic and rule the office, without tons of thought and needing to be this crazy fashionista. Can never go wrong with classic pieces that have a little pizazz!

    We wanted to brag on one of our amazing customers / ambassadors! 
    This is Sarah Beth! & she is a freakin' boss babe. Handbag buyer at Dillard's corporate + style blogger. She embodies all things BB. Her energy, passion for the industry, style tips and content are amazing, but her personality and heart go beyond measure. Everyone go give her some love and follow her insta @thestyleaudit!
    You won't be disappointed!
    Check her rockin' our "cool girl culottes



    From Barr Bones to you.. 
    Dress up to go up.
    We're proud of all of you, no matter if you're a working gal, a studying gal, or a "just trying to figure it out" gal. 
    We got your back, and we've got you covered (ya know, clothing, get it?) 

    Xx, Carli