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    How To: Skinny Jean

    This one's a given. You need jeans my friends. I know we all love our comfy pants, but when going out of the house, occasionally (keyword) you'll want to be in something not made out of nylon. So skinnies are your next best thing.

    How To: Band Tee

    So band tees might as well be interchangeable with a white tee. Wear it super oversized as a dress with boots or sneaks. Wear it cropped with anything high-waisted (comfies, jeans, skirt, cutoffs). Even wear it distressed to trick everyone to thinking it's supes vintage. Oo sidenote: we can crop and distress them, so it's easier for ya! Aka customize page.

    How to: Blazer

    \Most would think a black blazer is meant for the working woman, but we believe it is a true staple that can be worn with absolutely anything. Over a dress or jumpsuit to create a "you've got your shit together" look, or over a band tee to create the "I have zero shit together, but I do know how to look cool and trendy" look. 

    How to: White Tee

    Okay, so everyone and their mothers need a good white t-shirt. Am I right? Or am I right? Either it's a scoop neck, v-neck, or regular ole tee.. you can never get enough. Throw it on with a good skinny and sneaks for daytime errands, then when your girlfriends want to go out that night, toss on a heel with some statement earrings. No. Effort. Needed. 

    How to: Jean Jacket

    So jackets are our thing here at BB. They can easily make an outfit if you know how.. that's why we're here to teach you! A good denim jacket can be worn with just about anything. Throw it over a sundress on those breezy summer nights or over a thick turtleneck in the winter. You can especially never go wrong with denim-on-denim, our personal fav.

    How to: LBD

    Little Black Dress. A classic. But it can still be styled different ways to give separate vibes! To edge it up, we put our Mom Jean jacket with a pair of Doc Martens. Then to keep it classy, yet low-key, we paired it with some white pointed toe loafers.