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    The Girl Behind the Bones.

    Carli Barr here! I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to hear the background story and framework of this amazing site. 
    Let's start with the name. I wanted to have a play on words, since my last name is Barr I thought I should capitalize on that! It's funny.. I was at lunch with a good friend of mine pin balling names back and forth, and she goes "what about Barr Bones"? Like bare bones, but with Barr. I instantly loved it, but knew I would need to tie it into clothing somehow. I started brainstorming, thinking of my closet. I look at my wardrobe as having a couple key pieces I cannot live without. I believe that everyone should have these in their closet to truly have a solid foundation to build off of! So, in turn. Those pieces my friends, are your BONES.
    I have worked retail for 7 years. I studied fashion in college for 4 years.
    I live and breathe this stuff. I look at fashion as an art and a form of self-expression. My true passion, however, comes in sharing that with others! I love working retail (crazy I know) because of that one-on-one interaction with my clients. Being able to give my guidance and opinion, in order for someone to find that perfect outfit.. seeing their confidence levels truly change from the time they walked in the door, until the time they walk out. That is why I love this industry. 
    But how does this tie into online retail?
    I plan on bringing my customers that same one-on-one experience. Through the styling tab, you'll be able to find outfit inspiration and how to wear our pieces. Different ways to dress our Bones up and down. Your own personal Pinterest! All of our channels plan on being a creative outlet that gives you the confidence to rock those "out there" pieces and educating you on how best to maximize on the basics. On top of styling advice and shopable items, another unique aspect of our site will be our customize page. We'll be offering certain items that you can make your own! I know so many people want painted denim jackets, or embroidered shirts, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them.. so here we are! To fill that gap for you guys. The options are going to be so fun, and endless. We can't wait. 
    So I know this was lengthy, but I wanted to go into detail so that we're all on the same page. This is going to be a growing process and I'm so excited to share my journey and vision with you guys. Love you all. 
    XX, Carli